music monday / vancouver sleep clinic


after what has been a pretty insane easter weekend, i thought about not posting today. it’s monday. it’s the day of…you know…jesus and whatever, so i figured i could give myself a break. but, seeing as i skipped out on music monday last week, here’s a little easter egg for you guys, in the form of this track from vancouver sleep clinic.

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foundry 2014 / review


12:00 am

we’re already late. i had promised friends that we’d be heading down to 99 sudbury street in toronto for the last foundry event of 2014 at around 10:30 pm. it’s midnight and we’re still drinking at my friend’s place near kensington market. we’re chatting about carl craig – the night’s headliner – swapping stories about the times we’ve heard him play, when someone timidly asks “what exactly is detroit techno?” a half hour later, i’m still explaining the history of techno and craig’s part in popularizing the genre when we realize the time.

12:37 am

still late. i’ve managed to get in an argument with the man at the convenience store, but we’re on our way. there’s no line up at the venue and the bouncers are super nice. we’re not in kansas anymore.

foundry is one of a kind in toronto. the toronto music scene suffers a lot from government crackdowns and laws that prohibit events from running late/early. the city saw its first outdoor electronic music fest just 2 years ago, so events like foundry have been a long time coming. this is foundry’s second year. i heard talk of last year’s closing event with DVS1, and i knew tonight’s final event would be well worth the roadtrip from montreal.

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the 90s called / throwback style in 2014


the nineties called – they want their style back. not only are the 90s making a triumphant return in fashion but we’re welcoming back the sounds and styles of decades past in music as well. and who could blame us? in a time when technology is at its most advanced and oversaturation of DJs and producers is at its peak, it’s not surprising that we’re nostalgic for a simpler time. when rave culture first started making its way over to north america from the UK and europe, it opened the door to a new world of music, community, and experience that was entirely unknown to us previously. Who would have guessed that dance music would become the phenomenon it is today – commercialized to the point that so-called “EDM” and “skrillex” have become household names. subculture has, without a doubt, become pop culture. maybe this explains why the golden days of dance music and fashion are coming back with a vengeance.

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music monday / sango


i am a sucker for a good rework of a cheesy 00s classic (as evidenced by the fact that i am still listening to cyril hahn’s say my name remix. it’s been almost 2 years, guys) – so, of course, sango’s “bb don’t cry” has been on heavy rotation of late. anything that pairs justin timberlake samples with aaliyah vocals is okay by me.

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featuring / alka rex


“to be honest, we hate interviews,” eddie krilov and sasha kaline, new york-by-way-of-saint-petersburg producers known by their stage name, alka rex, laugh wholeheartedly. it’s around 1 pm on a grey sunday, and the three of us have been chatting over skype for a half hour before the pair confess that interviews make them uncomfortable. not that you could tell. after  more than a decade of friendship, and almost as much time spent as creative partners, sasha and eddie are so at ease with one another that they’re finishing each other’s thoughts. even before i ask my first question, both are telling me about when they met – in seattle, almost 20 years ago – and how well they work together. i scramble to get the my voice recorder turned on in time to ask them if, after all this time, they’re sick of each other yet: “not yet,” they both chuckle at once.

sasha, you must be so excited to be coming to montreal for the hushlamb party next weekend!

sasha kaline: yes! i’m super excited. it seems like the party is going to be amazing. the venue looks great, and of course, the crew is very special.

eddie, we’re all so gutted that you’re not able to make it down for the event. sasha, you’ll be representing alka rex solo at the hushlamb event – will you be doing anything differently to prepare given that eddie won’t be coming with you?

SK:  we’ve been working on the set together. it’s going to be a DJ set but it will incorporate our own music as well – some new, some old. i’ll be playing on my computer, so it will allow me to play mix and match a bit, and incorporate different bits of tracks to create something unheard of. eddie is more of a vinyl lover, though.

eddie krilov: when i play, i play only vinyl. it preserves the original sound, the original format. i try to support the vinyl industry as much as i can. even when we do our own releases, i strongly recommend that the label does both a physical and a digital release, otherwise it seems lost. you have this physical object to touch and feel and put on the wall. you see the artwork, too. it’s more special.

SK: he’s a vinyl junkie! you should see his collection! [laughs]

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