the 90s called / throwback style in 2014


the nineties called – they want their style back. not only are the 90s making a triumphant return in fashion but we’re welcoming back the sounds and styles of decades past in music as well. and who could blame us? in a time when technology is at its most advanced and oversaturation of DJs and producers is at its peak, it’s not surprising that we’re nostalgic for a simpler time. when rave culture first started making its way over to north america from the UK and europe, it opened the door to a new world of music, community, and experience that was entirely unknown to us previously. Who would have guessed that dance music would become the phenomenon it is today – commercialized to the point that so-called “EDM” and “skrillex” have become household names. subculture has, without a doubt, become pop culture. maybe this explains why the golden days of dance music and fashion are coming back with a vengeance.

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featuring / blackblessed’s flor serani

cutted flor

black is more than just a colour. it’s a state of mind. in fashion, black is effortless chic, inimitable edge – it’s classic but it’s of the moment. there are few brands that embody that state of mind better than flor serani’s italian label, blackblessed. a lifelong interest in fashion that started with a love of drawing and art, serani’s curiosity quickly grew into what has become one of the most interesting cult labels in rome. merchants of the weird, blackblessed is notorious for their one-of-a-kind cuts, prints, and directional use of fabrication – always emphasizing a dark, goth-tinged aesthetic and a love for uniqueness. i was lucky enough to catch up with blackblessed founder and creative director, flor serani, to talk creativity and design, the importance of instagram, and american horror story.

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read: grace coddington’s memoir excerpts

it’s friday, les ninjas! and what a better way to start your weekend (despite some shit fuckn rain happening over in this little city) than a hilarious, insightful read courtesy of the queen herself, grace coddington.

a highly anticipated, very long awaited release from coddington, her memoir GRACE, a memoir details her incredible life and career in the industry, beginning with her modelling career in london after she left her home in wales at only sixteen. after winning a vogue modelling competition at seventeen, having whirlwind love affairs and completing her first modeling contract (nudes shot in the frickn woods by norman parkinson) – coddington went on to climb the ladder at vogue, starting out as a junior editor before becoming the creative director at american vogue. she’s also anna wintour‘s right hand and remains one of the most respected and influential women in the industry. badass for a 71 year old.

my favourite highlight from the four page excerpt? grace on what she used to carry in her modelling bag:

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august photo diary

this is a little something new i want to try, mostly because i love taking photos and i feel like they need a home on littlecity. since apparently, according to the angry wordpress beginner tweeter, you can’t install plugins on (sadface) (also, what’s a plugin) so i can’t link my instagram to littlecity. which, as you may or may not know, is my fucking DREAM, guys.

okay so now that august is slowly but surely coming to a close, here are a few lovely memories courtesy of my instagram (which you should follow, if you don’t already) from this past month. looking back, it really looks like i didn’t do much, but i assure you, i do have a life.

the gay village in montreal becomes a pedestrian only zone during the summer, and every year, the decorations hanging above the street change! we’ve seen everything from laundry (?) to paper roses hanging over the street, but last year’s russian balls were such a big hit, they were brought back this summer for round two. so lovely, and one of my favourite things about the village in the summer!

more pics after the jump!

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3.1 phillip lim: kill the night

STOP EVERYTHING. put down what you’re doing because the actual best thing to ever happen to literature and fashion is happening right fucking meow.

phillip lim wrote a comic book and it’s being released this september.

now pick your jaw up off the floor and peep the teaser images for the campaign (that runs in line with american fashion’s night out). then pick your jaw up off the floor again because they are amazing.

image via BOF tumblr

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