featuring: the deep north’s dick diamonds

my newest “featuring” interview is a hybrid speaker sessions/interview with my brother from toronto, DJ/producer, co-founder of the deep north crew, promoter and one half of tech duo the hermans, dick diamonds!

quite a repertoire! after starting the deep north blog and associated crew of DJs and producers based out of toronto, dick diamonds is one of the driving forces in electronic music events in the city. alongside local heroes studiofeed, hushlamb and break & enter, the deep north played a huge role in the production of this year’s sound in motion festival! likewise responsible for this summer’s biggest jams, late & deep and late & dip, dick diamonds’ toronto is non fucking stop. as a DJ, he runs the same game – always in motion, and always with deep, nihilistitic vibes. read on!

[this session has been archived. for a downloadable version, get in touch here]

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august photo diary

this is a little something new i want to try, mostly because i love taking photos and i feel like they need a home on littlecity. since apparently, according to the angry wordpress beginner tweeter, you can’t install plugins on wordpress.com (sadface) (also, what’s a plugin) so i can’t link my instagram to littlecity. which, as you may or may not know, is my fucking DREAM, guys.

okay so now that august is slowly but surely coming to a close, here are a few lovely memories courtesy of my instagram (which you should follow, if you don’t already) from this past month. looking back, it really looks like i didn’t do much, but i assure you, i do have a life.

the gay village in montreal becomes a pedestrian only zone during the summer, and every year, the decorations hanging above the street change! we’ve seen everything from laundry (?) to paper roses hanging over the street, but last year’s russian balls were such a big hit, they were brought back this summer for round two. so lovely, and one of my favourite things about the village in the summer!

more pics after the jump!

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stringcam: under pressure

the newest set of photos from STRINGCAM COLLECTIVE our now live on our facebook page! i headed down to montreal’s annual international graffiti convention, better known as UNDER PRESSURE 2012, with a stringcam in hand! here are some of my favourite shots:

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under pressure 2012: review

last weekend i attended the 17th annual under pressure festival, which, for those of you non-montrealers, is an international graffiti convention held in the downtown area! under pressure is a mix of hip-hop/rap, skateboarding, street art/graffiti, MCing and bboying, all crammed into about a six block radius. scaffolding is set up all along the sides and backs of buildings, so you can perch on the curb and watch the artists at work, or catch one of the many music performances at the main stage. under pressure is super laidback, and a really awesome place to just go hang out for a couple hours while drinking beers hidden in your purse. i reviewed the event for myetvmedia, and you can read all my beautiful thoughts right here! more pics after the jump!

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3.1 phillip lim: kill the night

STOP EVERYTHING. put down what you’re doing because the actual best thing to ever happen to literature and fashion is happening right fucking meow.

phillip lim wrote a comic book and it’s being released this september.

now pick your jaw up off the floor and peep the teaser images for the campaign (that runs in line with american fashion’s night out). then pick your jaw up off the floor again because they are amazing.

image via BOF tumblr

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